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Topic Title: Downgrade performance
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Created On: 03/19/2004 09:38 AM
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 03/19/2004 09:38 AM
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Code Warrior

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Well, 4 years ago I update a Intel Pentium 233 MHz MMX into a AMD K6-II 500 MHz computer (Supposed that I have buy a 550 MHz one, but chip says that is 500... Bad joke overclocking 50 MHz and using 2.3V). Well, the cooler was deficient or something else, because after one year of working, the PC starts to crash, reset, and other nasty issues. Sometimes after the crash, if I go inmediatilly to BIOS after restart it and go to Hardware Monitor, temperature was EXACTLY on 100 C°!! I was forced to underclock it to 300 MHz (Performance was almost the same, at least by eye no by running games, system test, etc), where it was stable and was in 70 C° temperature. I end disarming the PC over a wood table, leaving the motherboard there with nice air flow (Wans't inside case). I put it at 500 MHz again, it was working almost all the time on 90 C° (Trust me, I touch the cooler one time and was hot... Well, it hurt me lol), and if cooler suddently stop, then the 100 C° peak and system crash. During one full year or even more it worked at that temperature... After get some money, I was able to spend 5 dolars (Yeah 5 dolars... I'm not greedy, all the money that I got, is spended on the computer, my TV is 15 years old lol) in a Cooler, and that silicon don't-know-what that is applied bewthem the Processor and the Heatsink. With that I was recently able to got it at 500 MHz, but at 73 C°, so I end underclocking it to 300 MHz again, to make it live longer (I have heard a lot of people saying that K6-II blow up at 80 C° O_o). I have notice a very notable performance leak at 500 MHz when compared to other K6-II of lower clock (A 400 MHz one show to be much more faster that mine). Also, when running programs like CPUID or others, the Processor show itself to be working at 475 MHz, that is because thanks to the overheat during soo many time, many transistors go to a new better life? ^^ I should have buy better cooler and several other things, but no money to do so... However, 3 months ago I buy a new Ahtlon XP 1800+ (Palomino Core), well, to be new, is quite old but again... No money lol -.-

Resumming all that, DO overheat burn transistors making the processor performance downgrade? I have notice that...
 03/24/2004 10:23 PM
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It sounds to me like your motherboard components are failing because they may be old and not designed to run processors at this speed.

Processors have a tolerance level that can withstand higher voltages than those rated on the chip surface - this way AMD practically guarantees their parts won't ever go down. Any damage done by high voltages does, in most cases, either show up instantly or over a period of time much longer than the life of the technology; imagine reducing the life span of that K6-2 from 10 years (approx), to 8 doesn't matter. Processors can "die" over a short period but this is rare. What will gurantee you instant toast with these old chips is if you set the core voltage way over spec - sticking 0.1 or 0.2 on top of the rated voltage is tolerable especially with a decent heatsink.

I would check the board you're using. Is it the same one as the Intel Pentium 233MMX was in? Some of those older boards do not like running at high high speeds because they were designed before such CPU's were manufactured; older board by PC Chips for instance can give the symptoms you describe, because their parts are poorly designed and can actually burn out. Even the voltage setting for the CPU core on some of these boards can be out of spec which does not help.

You need to double-check what board you have and what voltages are being used - is the core voltage set correctly, and the CPU type set to "P55C", i.e. dual voltage? ALso check that you've applied the thermal paste correctly and the fan is moving freely. Finally check that you're using the latest BIOS in that board. BTW the K6-2 550 is a pig of a chip to keep stable, so you've lost nothing with the 500..

Hope this helps.

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 03/25/2004 05:10 AM
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Code Warrior

Posts: 2840
Joined: 03/19/2004

I don't remember the model of the Motherboard, but in the manuals its says that is designed for K6, K6-II and K6-III (Super Socket 7), so it wasn't due to Motherboard (If you ask me, I don't notice in any way that in the manual it indicates Motherboard model, don't ask me why lol). Isn't the same that I was using for the Pentium 233 MHz MMX, so don't worry about that . I set voltage to normal when I check the processors label by my own eye (Supposed that computer warranty expires if you open the case, only the one at tecnical service should do so. That was 2 years ago), in fact, I din't overclock, the one that assemble it gave me it already overclocked, but selling me like if it was a 550 MHz one (And I pay like if it was a 550 MHz processor, not 500). The heatsink isn't very decent to say... The cooler usually stops then starts again, making strange noises sometimes, and it was correctly installed by me... I will try buy a new one, my mom buy it in replacement of the cooler that comes with the computer that was even worst, but she forgets (Or she dind't even know) that the Motherboard did have the connection for the actuals fans that are connected to Motherboard (I start to looking hardware components from the PC when I start noticing that it started to crash by everything. I won't forget when at the technical service they say me that my Motherboard was burned and that I need a new one... The "Burned" Motherboard, is the same Motherboard that I have right now). It runs at 70 C° in 500 MHz and 50 C° at 300 MHz, and due to lifetime (And almost no diferrence in performance), I run it on 300 MHz. I'm sure that he processor suffers a permanent damage from the overheat that even on stock speed and voltage it did have (Cause why I did underclock), but I want to be sure that was because of that... Maybe I will go with the purchase log to riot and complain at the computer store where they sell me it, that was 4 years ago but maybe I can get some money from them (Or kill them in the act) lol, I want revenge about so... So I can spend some more the next time, I want a Ahtlon 64

For end my post, I say that I WON'T buy computer that was already assembler, it best for me buy parts individually and assemble the computer by myself. I'm on a Ahtlon XP 1800+ and for me is a jewel, no problems, no errors, just games and fun
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