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Topic Title: Official Forum Warz Rules Winter 2011
Topic Summary: These are the rules Set by TRP
Created On: 06/23/2010 03:06 AM
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 06/23/2010 03:06 AM
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This is the rules we will play by during the Warz ........

(1) Changes... Since the last War:
. Posting scores in the last few days will ONLY be allowed at TRP.
. Benches are GeekBench, Vantage, 3d06, Cinebench & wPrime 32m (with an OC bonus).
. Gulftown will be allowed.
. (ONLY) 5 Scores from each forum can be entered during the last 3 days of the War at TRP.
. All players need to register to play .
. CPU's, VGA's and cooling systems will now be handicapped (Important Read Below).
. There will be 2 parts of the War's scoring competition where each forum's rank is added twice. (This encourages early posting to boost a forum's position in the overall winner)
. Special wallpaper will be required in lew of a timestamp
. You can overclock from the start, but stock scores are still required
. Only those who post overclocked scores can participate in the prize drawings
. All winning classes will have seperate drawings for prizes and several random drawings as well.

(2) The Spirit of the Games: This is very Important!
. Tweaks are allowed, FSB, Multi, Htt, Memory,Voltage, VGA Bus & Mem... etc
. Cheats are not, Ram drives, no on-the-fly affinity modifications, modifying drivers etc
. Note... not all has been mentioned here, just keep in mind "The Spirit of the Games"
. Penalties for violating this will be harsh.

(3) Forum Wars 2011 Dates:
. February 1-14 prelims Stock score posting
. Feb 15th (last minute posting at TRP only!!!)
. Feb 16th (off day for roster submissions)
. Feb 17th (go to war)
. Feb 25th (Part one completed.. forum scoring ranks noted)
. March 2nd (Database is closed (to competing forums)
. March 3rd (All disputed scores listed at TRP)
. March 3rd ~ 5th (last minute posting at TRP only!!!)
. March 5th Last day for posting (Part two completed.. forum scoring ranks added to part one for overall winner)

(4) ALL DEADLINES are on 8pm CST US & Mexico (Texas):
. Take Note: These are hard deadlines, there will be no excuses for missing them (None)
. (ONLY) 5 scores per forum can be entered during the last 3 days at TRP
. (All Score links and Screen shots must remain active during the war)
. (If they are not active you will receive a zero for a score)

(5) Player Registration:
. All Players must register their Handle, Name & Email address for prize notification and Sponsor request for promotional offers
. The competing forums are responsible for setting up their teams and making sure the scores are verified by Forum Police
. You can sign up here... http://caregiversath...er_Registration

(6) Forum Wars 2011 Benchmarks:
. Geekbench (9x score)(32bit 2.1.6 or newer version only)
. Vantage (3x score)
. 3d06 (3x score)
. Cinebench R10 (3.5x score) (SSw2CPUz&WP)
. wPrime32m w OC bonus (SSw2CPUz&WP) (2 sec = 130k score)(1.55 version only)
. Overclock Bonus (1000 points for every 1% OC on wPrime 32m)
. Benchmarks can be found at

. Geekbench: http://www.primatela...nch21-Setup.exe

. ALL SCREEN SHOTS REQUIRE (2) CPUz (1 tab set to memory) & A Special Wallpaper.

(7) System Handicap (understanding it):
. All CPU Threads are added to all VGA cores..
. Then adding +1 for water cooled, +2 for Phase cooled or +3 for Cascades,DI & LN2 cooled.
. Take your total and find your class below (note: handicapping is for placement only)

(8) Forum Wars 2011 Classes:

The A Class (3 player teams)
. 16+ Point Handicap Players
. Unlimited downgrades per team
. No unreleased architecture ES chips that are not available retail for 1 month prior to the war

The B Class (3 player teams)
. 14 ~ 15 Point Handicap Players
. Unlimited downgrades per team
. No unreleased architecture ES chips that are not available retail for 1 month prior to the war

The C Class (3 player teams)
. 12 ~ 13 Point Handicap Players
. Unlimited downgrades per team
. No unreleased architecture ES chips that are not available retail for 1 month prior to the war

The D Class (3 player teams)
. 10 ~ 11 Point Handicap Players
. Unlimited downgrades per team
. No unreleased architecture ES chips that are not available retail for 1 month prior to the war

The E Class (3 player teams)
. 8 ~ 9 Point Handicap Players
. Unlimited downgrades per team
. No unreleased architecture ES chips that are not available retail for 1 month prior to the war

The F Class (3 player teams)
. 6 ~ 7 Point Handicap Players
. Unlimited downgrades per team
. No unreleased architecture ES chips that are not available retail for 1 month prior to the war

The G Class (3 player teams)
. 3 ~ 5 Point Handicap Players
. Unlimited downgrades per team
. No unreleased architecture ES chips that are not available retail for 1 month prior to the war

(9) The Rules:
. Three systems per player maximum (none can be on the same team)
. All Systems must have a different CPU and a different VGA set up. (same model CPU will require side by side picture of both)
. Standard HDD performance tuning (like RAID) on ATA, SATA, II, III are OK. No Virtual or Ram Drives, SSD's are OK.
. Acceptable Operating Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, 2008, Vista & Windows 7 and all variants of each (32-bit/64-bit, home/pro/ultimate, etc.)
. Acceptable Drivers: ALL Released Drivers (No modded or tweaked drivers)
. Acceptable Hardware: All (except unreleased architecture that are not available retail 1 month prior to the start of FW)
. NO UPGRADES after Prelim Deadline, (RMA's & Downgrades are OK, subject to validation by the judges).
. Forum Police can deny any posted score if not properly submitted
. The Forum Wars Judges will vote on All Questionable scores
. The "Police Station" is where the forum police will post a poll and discuss scores and rule clarifications.
. This forum will be password protected.
. All Forum Police will be registered in our Database and all scores will be entered into the database
. then transferred to our spreadsheet. Then tabulated and posted on the Forum Wars Website

. *** No Unreleased hardware may be used in Team Scoring...
. *** You cannot turn off CPU Cores or threads and enter a lower class.
. *** Using the PhysX "tweak" in Vantage will not be allowed.
. *** Bad behavior & poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated at the TRP forums.

(10) Participating Forums:
. Each Forum must provide their own Forum Police (2 to 5 is preferred)
. All cops will have access to "Forum Wars Police Station and the Courthouse" and the Database for Score entries
. If a Forum has no forum cops players will be REQUIRED to post at The Raptor Pit on the Scoring thread.
. Participating Forums need to create 3 threads
. A discussions thread for Forum Wars Chat and Taunting
. A closed "Forum Wars 2011 Scoring" thread not hidden.. (where all scores will be posted)
. A "Forum player entry thread" to Recruit your Players and Cops
. And... An optional passworded private forum for your players only
. Forums can have as many 3 man teams in any class as they wish

(11) Teams and Categories:
. A through G Teams...3 players per team (The highest ranked team in each class counts toward the Overall)
. The Slacker class will be used for all the late entries and do not count toward the overall
. The Slacker class is unlimited... Anything Goes!!!

(12) Class Winners:
This Award goes to the winners of each class...

(13) Prizes & Sponsors:
. Each winning team in each class will have their own individual drawings for a New Case & 12 month Subscription to CPU Magazine. The rest will be given out by random drawing to those having OVERCLOCKED Scores entered by the last deadline.. All drawings will be carried out by Raymo at the end of the competition..
. The term "Award" refers to bragging rights (no gifts are guaranteed)
. Sponsoring this event will be... CPU Magazine, NZXT, CoolerMaster, Crucial & Noctua

(14) Overall Scoring Award:
. Forum rankings from the "A through G" teams are added up on 2 occasions (Feb 25th/Mar 5th) and the lowest total wins the overall Contest (Ultimate Win)
. Tiebreakers are: fewest # of Extreme Cooling Points, then CPU thread's, then VGA cores used, then a coin flip
. If multiple Teams from the same forum exist in each class, only the highest scoring team's ranking goes toward the "Overall Forum Winner"

(15) Scoring Template:
(Feel free to copy/paste and edit as necessary)
The benches are in order of the calculator for easier entry.
Be kind to your cops!
Username - Forum - Class - Team Name
CPU (x) (list how many threads)
RAM (type & Speed)
GPU (x) (list how many cores!, such as "8800GTX (x1)" or "HD4870x2 (x2)")
Cooling (x) (List cooling handicap for cooling.. Air, Water, LN2, DI, etc.)
Total System Handicap (x)

Geekbench Score:
Link (no screen shots)

3DMark Vantage Score:
Link (no screen shots)

3DMark06 Score:
Link (no screen shots)

Cinebench R10 Score:
Screen shot (a valid screen shot (result, 2x CPUz (one memory, one CPU) and Special Wallpaper).

wPrime 32M Score:
Screen shot (a valid screen shot (result, 2x CPUz (one memory, one CPU) and Special Wallpaper).

Stock Speed: xxxx
OC'ed Speed: xxxx
Percentage per calculator: xxx%
OC Bonus: xxxxx
Total Score:

Calculator screen shot (optional)

(16) Screen Shot Examples: (and Tutorial)
Cinebench Example:
First set your Wallpaper to the Forum Wars Special Wallpaper

Run Cinebench.
When it's done, it looks like this:

With this on your screen, just re-size it, and add 2 instances of CPUZ, with one showing it's MEM Tab. It should look like this:

Now, take a "Screen Shot" (SS), by hitting the key "PrSc", go to Paint, and "Paste" that image and save it!
Thats all you need to do! You will upload that SS (screen shot), to a web host, and use it's thumbnail code for Forums, to post in your score.

Important! Please do NOT post full screen pics!
Links, or thumbnails are the desired method!

Note: (Wallpaper)
There is no need to post any kind of time/date stamp, because you will be required to use a Special Forum Wars Wallpaper!
You do not need to post a GPUZ in the screen shot! This same Forum Wars Wallpaper will also be used in the SS for wPrime 1.55, along with the exact same things! See the examples below.

This is a demo SS for Cinebench:

Cinebench = 22997

This is a demo SS for wPrime 1.55:

wPrime = 4.542

(17) Scoring Example:
Inteller (TRP) Class B
Team Name: TRP Predators
I7 980X - (12 threads)
6Gb's DDR3-2000
2-GTX-480's SLI (2 cores)
Air Cooled (0 handicap)
Total System Handicap = 14 << this is new, please include this with your system information!

Geekbench = 12785

Please note: you need to have/or create an account, it's free, so you can add your screen name to the scoring page, as you see in the link! This is Required!

3DMark Vantage = 31837 (Do not use the "P")

Please Note: For systems using nVidia Cards, PhysX needs to be Disabled!

3DMark06 = 25459

Please Note: in both FutureMark bench's, the screen name is edited in, as is the Forum name. This is Required!

Cinebench = 22,997

Please Note: These last 2 benchmarks require that you use the Official Forums Wars Special Wallpaper! Those posted without it, will be rejected.

wPrime = 4.542

Stock Speed = 3330MHz
OC'ed Speed = 3864MHz
Percentage per calculator: 116%
OC Bonus: 16000
Total score = XXX,XXX

Note: the OC bonus is taken from the speed at which you run wPrime 1.55
All bench's may be run at what ever speed it's capable of.
All bench's do not need to be run, at the same cpu speed!

(18) WallPaper
The Required Wallpaper can be found here February 1st: Forum Wars 2011 Wallpaper

(19) Score Calculator
The scoring calculator can be found here: Forum Wars 2011 Calculator

(20) The Judges:
. Buckeye ( 411Overkill )
. Deanzo (OC Forums)
. Intel Guy (PC Pitstop)
. Luis GT (The Raptor Pit)
. Hokiealumnus (The Raptor Pit)

FW judges can participate as a player like anyone else in their forum, but if there is an issue involving them personally or a member of their forum, they are not allowed to vote as a judge. Forum Police & Judges can verify any score in any participating forum (they are global). Judges & Police cannot verify their own scores (submitting them at TRP is the quickest solution)

These rules will not be modified in any form. Any concern about the wording on specific issues will be voted on by the Forum Warz Judges. The polling outcome will be final and not be disputed. Any additions or clarifications approved by the administration will be added separately to the rules as amendments, with no alteration to the original wording of these rules.

(21) Database Links

View Player Entry (Temporary Database)

View Stock Database

View Overclocked Database

View Forum Police


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