Topic Title: SB-TSI - need help
Topic Summary: SBI Temperature Sensor Interface
Created On: 10/08/2013 08:51 AM
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 10/08/2013 08:51 AM
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1. How to determine the number of temperature sensors?

2. How do I know what the core temperature sensor displays?

3. How to get access to the SB-TSI on processors Family 15-16h Models series?

4. Where to Get Documentation: SBI Temperature Sensor Interface (SB-TSI) Specification, #40821 ?

5. Why reading through SB-TCI/CurTemp and readings in the BIOS to differ by 10 degrees?



For FreeBSD:


to: /usr/src/sys/dev/amdtemp

cd /usr/src/sys/modules/amdtemp


kldunload amdtemp

make install

kldload amdtemp

sysctl dev.amdtemp

 10/08/2013 10:28 AM
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Good luck... I've been down this road with AMD engineering several times.

For the record there is only (1) sensor on the Phenom II/FX series CPUs and it's not actually a core temp sensor but a Tcase sensor, that is read as if it were a core temp sensor. The variations in core temps on any Phenom II/FX processors is all due to the means used to read the SINGLE signal from the registry. As far as the SB temps, I didn't bother after the CPU issues which went on for months.

I'm not sure what your purpose is for wanting the tech info. but IME AMD doesn't seem to be interested in supplying this type of information, which is readily available on other brnads of CPUs. That may be due to the above information or any number of other reasons. It seems odd that AMD can produce some of the best processors on the planet but they can't provide a means to read individual core temps????

Maybe you'll have better luck with the SB?


Building a reliable PC involves more than just assembling the parts. You need to be able to configure all of the BIOS settings appropriately. This can be quite involved and frustrating as it can require a lot of trial and error with stress testing. It is however often the only means to get a 100% reliable PC.

 10/08/2013 05:12 PM
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I think that the engineers are too busy to read the complaints on the forum.
I hope that they will respond , they are worth nothing , and support their products will only improve as in friibsd and others , as the code under the BSD license.

Based on my results on my processor is also only one temperature sensor. Determine their surprising number without documentation
SB-TSI and I can not.
According to documentation from the other processor (not AMD) with SB-TSI interface until I too can not try, as there are still appended smbas bus driver for my processor.

About the "current control temperature, Tctl" I know it's not a "real" temperature with sensors.


FreeBSD 9.2-STABLE #6 r255966: Tue Oct  1 14:41:20 MSK 2013
    root@firewall:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/RIMx64 amd64
FreeBSD clang version 3.3 (tags/RELEASE_33/final 183502) 20130610
CPU: AMD E-350 Processor (1600.06-MHz K8-class CPU)
  Origin = "AuthenticAMD"  Id = 0x500f10  Family = 0x14  Model = 0x1  Stepping = 0
  AMD Features=0x2e500800<SYSCALL,NX,MMX+,FFXSR,Page1GB,RDTSCP,LM>
  TSC: P-state invariant, performance statistics

root@firewall# sysctl dev.amdtemp.0.
dev.amdtemp.0.%desc: AMD CPU On-Die Thermal Sensors
dev.amdtemp.0.%driver: amdtemp
dev.amdtemp.0.%parent: hostb4
dev.amdtemp.0.rtc.CurTmp: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.rtc.CurTmpTjSel: 27.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.rtc.TmpSlewDnEn: 1
dev.amdtemp.0.rtc.TmpMaxDiffUp: 3
dev.amdtemp.0.rtc.PerStepTimeDn: 15
dev.amdtemp.0.rtc.PerStepTimeUp: 15
dev.amdtemp.0.rtc.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor0.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor1.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor2.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor3.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor4.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor5.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor6.sensor_offset: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.cpu_temperature: 76.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.high_temperature_threshold: 70.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.low_temperature_threshold: 0.0C
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.cpu_temperature_offset_hi: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.cpu_temperature_offset_lo: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.status: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.cfg3: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.cfg9: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.upd_rate: 8
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.timeout_cfg: 128
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.alert_threshold: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.alert_cfg: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.manufacture_id: 0
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.revision: 2
dev.amdtemp.0.tsi.sensor7.sensor_offset: 0

sensor_offset - driver specific.

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