Topic Title: Installing AMD drivers disables HDMI video output.
Topic Summary: Installing any AMD drivers disables all video output over HDMI. Card won't detect TV once drivers are installed.
Created On: 08/02/2013 12:18 PM
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 08/02/2013 12:18 PM
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I apologize in advance if the tone of this post sounds aggressive but I am at my wit's end and exhausting what little patience I have left. 


My goal: 

I'm trying to re-purpose my old gaming pc into a home theater pc. 

I want to connect the PC to my HDTV via an HDMI to HDMI connection. 


The problem: 

The HDMI output on my videocard (Asus 5850) seems to get disabled as soon as any AMD driver gets loaded by windows. 

When I turn on the computer, I can seen the BOIS post screen and the Windows 8 loading screen perfectly.  I can stay in the BIOS without the screen going dark so this is not a timeout or time related issue.

The TV reports an HDMI connection at 1080p. 

As soon as Windows loads the video drivers (you can tell by the fans on the video card spinning down) the video and audio signals on the HDMI cable dies and the TV goes dark.

The TV reports no HDMI signal. 


The testing: 

I started with a clean Windows 8 install. I loaded the most recent drivers at the time, 13.6 beta.

As soon as the drivers loaded the TV went dark. At that point, I had to connect my monitor using a DVI cable.

The monitor works perfectly.

I verify the installation and everything seems to be working perfectly.  No BSOD, not warnings in the device manager, no events or errors. 

I disabled Crossfire throughout the testing just to be safe.

No matter what I do, I can't get the CCC or Windows to detect my TV on the HDMI connection. It just won't detect it. 

If I connect my computer to the TV using the DVI cable, windows and CCC detect the TV as device "Sharp FPD/DVI/1" or something like that. 


Unfortunately, HDMI is the only available input on my TV.  I double check the TV's settings, the HDMI signaling is set to RGB, the AV mode is set to PC.  

No setting on the TV seems to change the fact that CCC or Windows won't detect the TV over HDMI. 

I've also tried other HDMI cables, just in case, to no avail. 


In a fit of desperation, I even installed Windows 8.1 preview to see if the new WDDM driver model would change anything. 

At that point I completely uninstalled the drivers and loaded AMD's Windows 8.1 preview build 13.15.1 drivers. 

Again, I get the exact same result. As soon as the drivers are loaded, the HDMI signal dies and my TV goes black. 

If I get windows update to install the latest WDDM 1.2 drivers, I get the same result. 


I decided to see if I could do anything in safe mode. So I use MSConfig to force windows to boot in safe mode.

If I boot in "Minimal" safe mode I get the same result.  The video drivers safe mode uses have the same problem. 

If I boot in "Minimal" safe mode with the "Base video" option selected, the HDMI signal works perfectly and I can use my PC but only at 1280x1024.  

So far, these are the only drivers that won't kill my HDMI connection. 


At this point, I reconnect my monitor and boot in normal mode. 

I uninstalled every AMD driver I could find and I remove the 5850s from the Device manager.  

As soon windows re-detects the cards, it automatically installs some base driver (sorry, I don't have the version number, but it's the drivers windows update automatically installs) and yes, those drivers kill my HDMI connection.

From device manager, I force windows to use the base display drivers. 

I am now using the safe mode drivers without having to be in safe mode. At last my HDMI connection works, but at a reduced resolution with no acceleration. 

At this point, windows detects my monitor as a Generic PnP monitor.  However, the modern/metro UI displays my TV as a device "Sharp HDMI".

That is the only indication I could find that my computer could detect the TV over HDMI. 


Yesterday, AMD released the 13.8 beta drivers so obviously I immediately tried those but they have the exact same problem. 


The results: 

If I boot in safe mode with the basic Windows 8 video drivers, the HDMI signal remains on an I can use my computer as normal, albeit at a lower resolution (1280x1024 max). 

If I uninstall all AMD drivers and manually install Windows' basic video drivers the HDMI signal remains active and I can use my computer with all services and devices running but still limited to 1280x1024. 

If I install any AMD driver suite, as soon as the installation enables the video drivers, the TV goes dark and I lose the HDMI signal. 

If I have Windows Update automatically install the video drivers, as soon as they are installed, the TV goes dark. 



What now?

As I previously stated, I'm at my wit's end with this issue. 

I'm reaching out to you good people hoping you might have some ideas as to what to test next. 

I'm also hoping that somehow, someone from AMD will notice this issue, seeing as how the bug reporting form is currently not working. 


I've scoured the internet and found plenty of other people experiencing similar problems with HDMI but I can't seem to find any resolutions. 

I've seen mentions that this could be related to EDID errors.  I'm not sure if HDMI uses EDID in the first place but is there an way to try and test what EDID info is being sent over HDMI?  EDID seems to work over DVI as CCC and Windows properly identify the TV. 


The details: 

Graphics Cards:

ASUS 5850 (EAH5850DIRECTCU) Primary 

Sapphire 5850 (SAP-21162-00-40R) Crossfire disabled


AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History:

Currently 13.8. I've also tried 13.6, Windows 8.1 preview build 13.15.1, WDDM 1.2


Operating System:

Currently testing Windows 8.1 64-bit preview. I also tried Windows 8 64-bit. 


System Specs:

Intel Core i5 750 

Asus P7P55d-e Pro (Bios 1502)

8GB of RAM 2Gx4 GSKILL (F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL x 2)

ASUS 5850 (EAH5850DIRECTCU) Primary 

Sapphire 5850 (SAP-21162-00-40R) Crossfire disabled

TP-LINK 1x PCIe Wireless Adapter card (TL-WDN4800) 

2x Western Digital 1TB Black Hard drives (WD1001FALS)

Antec CP-850 Watt Powersupply



Sharp 42 inch HDTV. (LC-42D72U) 

 08/08/2013 04:09 PM
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It's been nearly a week. 

I've submitted bug reports. 

Is there any other way to try and obtain support from AMD? 

They don't seem to be very active in these forums. 


 08/09/2013 03:07 AM
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Ninja Zombie Killer

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You need to contact Asus/Sapphire. This is hardly a driver problem, more like a hardware/BIOS issue, maybe incompability between your devices. Asus/Sapphire Support needs to solve this or take the card back from you.

Note: Try both cards alone, remove the other one while testing. If one works, seek support for the other one. If neither works, contact both Asus and Sapphire. However, this last case would suggest that you have a problem with the display device itself.


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 810 @ 3120MHz | RAM: Kingmax 2x2GB DDR2 800 @ 833MHz| MoBo: MSI K9A2 CF v1.0 (BIOS: 1.D)| GPU: Asus HD 6850 1024MB (DirectCu) @ 835/1135MHz | Display: L24FHD | PSU: PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad | OS: MS Windows 3.11 Pro x64

 08/09/2013 09:10 AM
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What I find puzzling about this entire situation is that the setup works over HDMI. 

I've been able to prove that by installing Window's Standard VGA Graphics Adapter drivers.  I know my HDMI ports on both the TV and Card are functional. 

The HDMI connection works in BIOS, POST, Windows Loading screen, right up until the AMD drivers kick in and the fans on my cards spin down.  After that point, I can't seem to get anything working over HDMI. 


 02/11/2014 05:42 PM
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Has no one managed to post a solution to this???

I'm also having the same problem, except that I still have Crossfire turned on.

My 2013 Panasonic P50VT65, their top-of-the-range plasma, is not detected by the Catalyst drivers, no matter what I try. My monitor connects to my graphics card by HDMI as well, but no such ease of use with the TV. Why can't catalyst detect them automatically? What about manually?

My cards are two Gigabyte 6950 2GB and I'm running Windows 7.

 02/14/2014 01:04 AM
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Please help. With the Catalyst drivers not detecting my TV I have nowhere else to turn for help.

 02/14/2014 02:49 PM
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Ok, here's the thing.

Even after I turned off the Picture option "16:9 Overscan", I still didn't get any picture, so I started to uninstall the drivers. While doing so, my monitor's picture went black and the desktop popped-up on the TV. This is great news, because it shows that the graphics card can connect to the TV.

When I rebooted and installed the new drivers (13.12), the same thing happened, my monitor's picture went black and the desktop popped-up on the TV. Then it went black again when the desktop returned to my monitor.

I now think I have a registry error, because there's a screen detected as Display #2, but on VGA? I never had anything connected by VGA on these cards, ever. In fact, I don't even have a VGA port on my cards!

Here's the screenshot.

What should I do now? 


 02/17/2014 08:42 AM
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Hello, I'm having the same problem. Everything that efortin6 said happened whit me.

My htpc has MB Asus A88XM-A, APU A10-7700.

I spent all my weekend trying to do this works but I've gotten anything.

Did you tried ask something to AMD's guys? Did they answer something?

I'm staying a little angry about this.




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