Topic Title: low GPU Clock and Memory Clock in Crossfire.
Topic Summary: Crossfire low GPU Clock 300MHZ Memory Clock 150MHZ for single card
Created On: 08/20/2014 12:00 PM
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 08/20/2014 12:00 PM
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i have  2 cards of R9 MSI 280x 6GB each.

i use them in Crossfired.


i have noticed that one of the card is working more slowly than the other.

300MHZ GPU Core Clock, instead of 500MHZ as the other card.

150MHZ GPU Memory Clock instead of the 1500MHZ as the other card.

both of them are totaly Identical.

i tried to play at batman Arkham Origin which is 3D game (but i am using it in 2D Monitors).

i did my tests with GPU-Z software.

this software could create Log File to monitor at RealTime the performance of each card while playing in High Graphic Quality games

the log file shows that the problem remainds.

i have no problem of PSU since i am using Corsair AX 1200i which is WATT 1200 WATT PSU.

i have i7 740 CPU .

12 GB RAM.

motherboard: ASUS rampage II Extreme.


i have noticed that this problem is well known in other forums (using google) and not just necessarily in this specific card only, but with other ATI cards.

have no problem with over heat. everything is being cooled properly.

i never had a problem in my previous SLI Cards (gtx 760) on the same computer.

so guess no blame on my board or cpu, PSU components.. just the ATI thing.


AMD Support or anybody, please any solution for it ?



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 08/21/2014 01:41 PM
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300/150 is the normal idle frequency for a 7970/280X.  500/1500 would be normal on the primary GPU for a multi-monitor setup.  The secondary GPU would remain at 300/150.

Under load, both would be 1000/1500, or whatever the max clock values are set to.

This will only happen when CF is in use, which requires that the game run fullscreen.

You'll need to provide more details about your display(s) and what exactly you're doing to get anything more than that.


 08/22/2014 07:04 AM
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Hello Thanny,


thanks for your answer !

i Enabled crossfires for my 2 cards.

i am using 6 monitors of DELL U2412M by using MST Hub which are connected to a single 280X card if Startech.

the MST unit support this kind or resolution with no problems.


using eyefinity of 5760x2400 resolution.

regarding the game, i am using Batman Arkham game (not in 3D mode, since it's not a 3D displays).

i work in Full Screen only!

i can see that when i fight in this game, it's too slow for crossfire.


i want to make both cards sharing their resources as even.

i don't know how to make the 2nd card use it's full resources or at least share the same amout of GPU and VRAM clock more or less Equally.

i am sure that the 2nd card could help much more than just using 300MHZ and 150MHZ for GPU and Memory in clock terms, since this game request lots of resources and should make the other card work better, but the Log file shows that even in Full Screen the 2nd card not using it's potential.

i am also considering connect 3rd card that i have (hd 7970 6GB sapphire)

but it gives the same problem as well.

please, what can i do?

i am using the latest drivers and latest Beta CCC.



 08/22/2014 08:26 AM
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Are you sure it's staying at 300/150 under load?  If you're switching away from the game to GPU-Z, it will revert to 300/150.  You'd need to log to file to check the frequency during gameplay.  Or you could download and install MSI Afterburner, which has a graphical monitor that tracks values over time.

Beyond that, you say you have a "i7 740", yet the only reference to that model I can find is of a mobile processor, and a quite slow one at that.  What is your exact CPU and clock speed?

I have a pair of 7970's here, which are the same GPU as the R9 280X, clocked to 1200/1450 each.  I play on a single 30" monitor at 2560x1600.  I just ran a couple benchmarks in Batman:AC with DX11 and DX9 settings. 

For DX11 at max, the min/max/avg was 39/122/82.

For DX9 at max detail but low FXAA, it was 116/273/199.

Assuming your 280X cards are at the default 1050MHz max speed, and accounting for your 3.375 times as many pixels, I estimate your min/max/avg values would be this:

DX11: 10/31/21

DX9: 30/70/51

That's with an i7 3930K at 4.6GHz as well, so if your CPU is much slower, you'd potentially see even lower numbers, especially when in large fight scenes.


 08/22/2014 09:14 AM
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i check the GPU-Z log file of which is keeping updated while i am in the Batman Task.

and yes the log file shows it's 300/150 while i am in the game.


my CPU is:

Intel Core i7 940 clock speed of 2.93GHz 8M L3 Cache 4.8GT/sec QPI Hyper-Threading Turbo Boost LGA1366 Processor

you can take a look at AMAZON, it's still for sale.


i understand that you tested this game with 1 single monitor.

i play it with 6 monitors and 5760X2400 resoilution (eyefinity 3X2).

that's another reason to cause the 2nd card to work in higher GHZ..


is there something else i can do or try?

for now, i have no control on this situation.

thank you



 08/22/2014 03:19 PM
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Alpha Geek

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OK, so you have a Bloomfield i7, presumably running at the stock speed of 2.93GHz.

When I ran my tests at 2560x1600, GPU usage averaged around 75% per GPU.  That shows that the game is CPU-bottlenecked even at that resolution, probably due to the number of draw calls.

So scaling to your resolution based on GPU speed and pixel count from those results won't work well.

Therefore, I just created a test Eyefinity setup with my two monitors, creating a 5120x1600 screen, and ran the tests again.

This time the min/max/avg results were:

DX11: 22/80/55

DX9: 96/163/136

GPU usage was 90%+ throughout, so the CPU bottlneck was pretty much taken out of the equation.

So with 83% of the GPU performance and 1.6875 times as many pixels, these are my new estimates of what you should be able to see in Batman:AC:

DX11: 11/39/27

DX9: 47/80/67

Your CPU is around 70% slower than mine, but the difference should be swamped by the increase GPU load.

So what do you actually see?  If it's roughly half the above, then it certainly does seem your second GPU isn't being used properly.  If it's close to the above, then you're seeing the best you can do with such a massive resolution.

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